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In September of 2011 a small group of adults and children from Highfields Church started meeting together to pray and prepare for the launch of a satellite congregation in Pontprennau/Pentwyn. 

A few months later in January 2012 around 25 adults and 3 children started meeting on Sundays at Corpus Christi High School.  Many of us live locally in Pontprennau/Pentwyn and we all share a strong desire to see people in our community come to know the good news about Jesus and join with us in spreading that good news in our day-to-day lives.  It's all about making and maturing followers of Jesus.

Since then the church has grown, and moved our meeting-place several times! We are a large family of different kinds of people at various ages and stages of life. We became an independent church on the 6th of January 2019 and look forward to working hard for the fame of Jesus' name in Cardiff and beyond.

Though different in many ways, we are united by Jesus' work in our lives, and in sharing the good news about him.  This truth has shaped the way that we 'do church' together and has led to the formation of 3 important values:  Belong, Serve, Grow.

BELONG - We want people to belong:  

We’re a family, together for Jesus and the Gospel. We want people who meet us for the first time to feel they are welcomed by a family. We long to see them come to belong to the family of God by faith, drawn by the community and unity they see in us. We desire that people grow in their belonging through engagement in Life Groups, which are the heartbeat of our church. It’s in small groups that we invest in each other’s lives: helping each other to serve and grow in faith.

SERVE - We exist to serve God, the church and the world:  

We are saved to serve. We exist to serve God in worship. We are here to serve each other in care and discipleship. And we serve the world through sharing the good news of Jesus and showing his love. Serving means giving everything we have: our time, money, talents and energy; our all. Our great motivation in this is Jesus himself, the Servant King. He is our great example and he is our reward.  

GROW - We want to see Gospel growth, spiritual growth and numerical growth:  

We want to see our church family growing through people responding to the good news. So we will focus on spreading the gospel where we live, and where life happens - whoever and wherever we are, we want to live intentionally to show and share the love of Jesus. And our heart’s desire is to see followers of Jesus continuing to grow spiritually, pressing on towards the goal, not standing still. We desire numerical growth too, so that we can increasingly reach out to the community around us.  
Tom Roberts, 06/11/2018