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Book Review: Sing! by Keith and Kristyn Getty 

54fb4c86797d7535b4bc752692eb7aRecently we thought about how we should ‘Be Worshippers’, and one of the things that we do when we worship together is sing! It’s a crucial part of our corporate worship, and so it is important to consider why and what we sing. This book is a useful tool to help us find out what the Bible says about singing and help us use song as a means of glorifying God and encouraging one another both on a Sunday morning and throughout the week.

This book aims to protect us from simply ‘going through the motions’ when we sing; instead it strives to help us to engage our hearts and minds when we sing. It challenges our view that singing is something for ‘me’ to enjoy and shows us how Biblical singing can declare God’s greatness, strengthen the church and be a witness to the world.

The book starts by giving three reasons why we should sing. It talks about how we are created to sing. God has designed us to be able to sing and to enjoy the beauty and creativity of music. Secondly, we are commanded throughout the Bible to sing. In the same way as we are told to pray and read our Bibles, we are commanded to sing because it is good for us, as we point each other to Jesus. The third reason is that we are compelled to sing because of what Jesus has done for us. Of all the people on earth – haven’t we got the greatest reason to sing?! 

The second half of the book goes into more detail about how singing can have a positive impact on different areas of our lives – our personal spiritual lives, our families, our fellow believers, and non-believers. Singing gospel truths continually lifts our eyes to Jesus and reminds us of our unity to Christ and community with one another. God can use our singing as a witness, to engage  the hearts of those who don’t yet know Him.

Admittedly I am someone who enjoys singing anyway, but this book has had a big impact on me. I have been challenged to keep teaching my children songs filled with gospel truth that will stay with them for years to come. Singing together in church on a Sunday brings me greater joy as I am reminded of the gospel and that we are a family. I have been prompted to pray that as we sing, others will wonder at the hope we have as Christians and will want that hope for themselves.

Some of you may love singing; others of you less so. Either way I would encourage you to read this book because understanding what the Bible says about singing will help you love God more. As the book says:

“We do not worship the created art of singing; we worship Him. Don’t sing primarily because you love singing or keep quiet because you do not. Sing because you love Him who made you, and formed you and enables you to sing”.

Whatever you sound like, we have a great God who is worthy of our praise and loves to hear us sing.

Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts, 25/07/2019