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Book Review: Heaven by Randy Alcorn 

Heaven- Randy AlcornFor most of us, it seems that our beliefs about heaven and eternal life have accrued layers of misconceptions over the years. 

Randy Alcorn’s book, ‘Heaven’, does a wonderfully effective job of scraping away those layers of preconceptions and bringing us back to what scripture actually says. I found myself thrilled afresh, as I read this book, about the future I have in Christ. A future in a renewed creation that exceeds my imagination, but about which I am told an awful lot in the Bible.

There’s a lot here, but portioned up in nice short chapters. And with subjects like the following, you won’t be bored: What will the resurrected earth be like? What will our lives be like? What will our relationships be like? What about animals? What will we do in heaven? You won’t have to agree with all of Alcorn’s conclusions to be encouraged and built up by this book. Take up and read! 

Matt Bownds

Matt Bownds, 18/07/2019