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Book Review: Connected by Sam Alberry 

Connected AlberryBeginning to understand Trinity is one thing; what to do with it is another thing altogether! Is it only me who, at times, finds relating to a God who is - by nature- relational so mind-bendingly confusing? What does that mean? And how does it affect in my life?

I found Connected by Sam Alberry very helpful. Not only because the first section is devoted to explaining how God is one and that God is three persons existing in overflowing love from eternity but also because the second section deals very well with how to live with it. Alberry does this by exploring and explaining the Bible in a helpful, easy-to-understand way. 

When you read Connected, you'll see how all of Trinity is intrinsically involved in our salvation, with us when we pray and gives us a pattern for how we live in the Church and with each other. 

It turns out that wrestling with this rich truth isn't so much a chore as it is a joy; well-worth-it effort that shows us more and more beauty and depth in who God is and how knowing him affects every corner of our lives.

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Steff Elis  

Steff Elis, 19/05/2019